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Banner of Light Dragon Blade - A New Dawn for the Souls of Darks word:

Dark Souls III has finally released, and with it comes the much-anticipated Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades DLC. This new content pack introduces a brand new dragon blade known as the Banner of Light Dragon Blade. If you're looking for an edge in the game's tough new DLC content, this weapon is definitely worth taking a look at illuminati insignia shirt.

The Banner of Light Dragon Blade in a world of swords and sorcery:

The new set is based in the world of The Souls of Darks word. The set is made up of a colossal dragon blade and two smaller swords. The set comes with a rule book, terrain pieces, and a starter set of miniatures for players to start playing right away. The set is designed for players who want to experience the rich lore and epic battles of The Souls of Darks word. 

It gives players the ability to explore the world, fight dangerous creatures, and take control of their destiny. The Banner of Light Dragon Blade is perfect for any player who wants to immerse themselves in the epic world of The Souls of Darks word .

Features of the game include:

  • Dynamic and engaging combat system with over 20 different skills to choose from
  • Multiple endings based on the choices you make during the game
  • Create your own character and explore an expansive world full of secrets

A unique combat system that give players:

  • a real sense of control over their characters.
  • A story that takes players on an epic adventure across the world of Eureka.
  • The ability to form and lead your own guild and battle against others in massive P2P instances.
  • An intuitive user interface that makes it easy for players to customize their character and experience the game their way.

Hundreds of quests and adventures to undertake:

  • New and exciting features on the website
  • A vibrant and ever-growing community of players
  • BRAND NEW ENEMY SYSTEM - Fight against powerful dragons and witches!

Join forces with other players to tackle epic quests and raids!

Intense PVP battles that can be enjoyed against other players or AI opponents:

  • A completely new storyline that will take players on an epic adventure
  • New and unique mounts, weapons and armor that can be obtained through in-game rewards or purchased with real world money
  • A constantly expanding game world with new quests and areas to explore
  • The ability to connect with friends online and challenge them in PVP battles