Rule #1: To make your own decision, you must be at least 18 years old. Rule #2: You must be able to pay a $366 initiation fee for the processing of files and reference numbers. Rule #3: You must have a good sense of accomplishment. Rule #4: You must be able to keep secrets and maintain your anonymity. Rule #5: You must be willing to give up anything. Rule #6: You must be able to wear a black sweater, vest, skirt, dress, or other similar item at least three days per week. Rule #7: Be mindful that your name will appear in a list of celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. Rule #8: You must be concentrated, ambitious, and believe that money is a powerful tool. Rule #9: You must be willing to honor, comply, and rejoice with your fellow members once a year in a ceremony. Rule #10: You must believe in progress and the new way of doing things. Rule #11: You must be able to read, appreciate, and comprehend the Illuminati's prayers. Rule #12: You must realize that you are joining the world's most prestigious community of rich, popular, and influential people, and we value people's privacy.

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