22 Aug

Massachusetts Masons, their children, and grandchildren who will be attending an accredited educational institution as a full-time, undergraduate student are eligible to apply for a Grand Lodge Scholarship Grant.Since 1995, the Grand Lodge Scholarship Program has awarded over $9.2 million in grants.


Educational grants are available to Massachusetts Masons, their children, and grandchildren pursuing a full-time, undergraduate degree in an accredited educational institution. Eligibility for scholarship grants is based on a combination of academic standing and achievements, broad participation in community and/or school activities, and financial need.If awarded, Grants are paid at the completion of the semester and are paid directly to the Grantee.


Applications for the 2021-2022 academic year are now available! Download a fillable PDF or a copy you can print and fill in the old fashioned way.The application deadline is March 1st, 2021. This is the date that the Grand Secretary’s office must receive all applications by in order for them to be considered. There are no exceptions to this policy.View our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to learn more.Additional information may be obtained from Lodge secretaries, or from the office of the Grand Secretary by e-mail at  info@illuminatirichesworldwide.org


To review the claiming process for your scholarship, contact us.If you have been awarded a Grand Lodge Scholarship grant, contact us to submit your paperwork online. Haven’t received your check yet but you submitted the paperwork?  contact us.


Anyone wishing to support this most important program is urged to send your donations to the Development Office. A program is in place for naming scholarships for one year, four years, or a lifetime.If interested in these endowment programs contact the Development Office,

Chambersburg, PA, USA 866 Paper Mill Road Chambersburg, Pa 17402,   Call/WhatsApp +1- 1607 438-3702  info@illuminatirichesworldwide.org

 and you will be referred to the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee. 

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