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The Illuminati’s reason is to secure the continuous survival of the human species. Like all living beings, the human species normally endeavors against termination.

In spite of the fact that your nations have borders and your dialects have obstructions, all individuals in all places are individuals of the same organic family. All people are pieces of a collective that keeps humankind in existence.

Though you're simply a bit on the back of a grain of sand when compared to the tremendous number of people born and decomposed for centuries, you're as vital to your species’ survival as the most noteworthy rulers and rulers.9

Why join the illuminatti?

Gain wealth, authority, and control over the world by becoming rich, famous, and protected. We expect you to make a good decision for the betterment of the human species today. Get your opportunity now, because more will be needed to grow the world.

We are pleased to announce that the Grand Lodge of Masons of Massachusetts will be holding a One Day Class honoring our first responders (police, fire and EMT). The class is going to be held at Grand Lodge in Boston on September 11th. Depending on the response, we may add venues.

While this class honors the great work that is being done by all of our first responders, it will be open for all candidates to participate in. Candidates need to be read, investigated and balloted upon by their local lodges in order to participate.

One Day Class Information:

We recognize that due to the pandemic, we have a lot of candidates that are in various stages of the pipeline in terms of the degrees. All of these candidates are welcome to finish their degrees as part of this class. It is our hope that this class will be a great way to launch the new Masonic year, and get us back in the business of making new Masons.

More details will be forthcoming regarding this class and we hope your lodge will consider participating in this great day for our Grand Lodge and Massachusetts Masonry!